United Church of Roscoe

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The United Church of Roscoe is a federated church (United Church of Christ and United Methodist combined). We have ties to both denominations, but answer to one God. We believe in One God, who has created and is creating. We believe in Jesus Christ, our Risen Savior, who was sent by God to redeem God's people. We believe in the Holy Spirit, our guide, seen and unseen, who leads through our daily lives. We believe in the sacrament of one baptism, for the redeeming and purifying waters of baptism know no denominational boundary. We believe in the sacrament of Holy Communion, for Jesus instructed those seated with him that as often as they eat and drink of the bread and the cup, that they do so in rememberance of him. We believe in the real presence, that God is with us here and now, and that God will continue to be with us forever. We believe in inclusivity, for Christ did not exlude anyone from his care. We believe both woman and man were created equal, therefore one cannot be dominant over the other. We believe that Christianity is a communal society who come together as one to worship and praise God, whose door is always open to everyone.
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United Church of Roscoe
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Member of the Western Catskills Parish